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Happy Bloomsday!

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16. juni, Bloomsday! Og siden 2IB fortsatt har undervisning, blir det en liten internett scavenger hunt i dag, i anledning Bloomsday. Her er oppgavene de har fått:


Here is a song with the title “16th June” – any idea what it could be about?

Here are the lyrics to a U2 song which takes place on the 16th of June 1905 – read the lyrics

…and listen to the song

Reviews of the book through time

How will fans be celebrating this day around the world

What people got up to on the 100th anniversary of the novel

A summary of the novel. Of sorts.

Here are some quotes from the book. Pick a favourite!

Read the first 20 lines of the novel What do you think?

Read 20 lines from the middle of the novel. Impressions?

Read 20 lines from the last part of the novel. What do you think?

Now, you google and find out:

  1. Which author’s name occurs 50 times in Ulysses?
  2. Who does Leopold Bloom’s wife have an affair with during Ulysses?
  3. Who is the character Molly in Ulysses supposedly based on?
  4. How many writing styles does Joyce make use of in Ulysses?
  5. Who is narrating the last chapter in Ulysses?
  6. What does the number 4,391 have to do with Ulysses?
  7. In Dublin there is a famous statue of James Joyce. What is the statue looking towards?

Read: If time, go here, pick one of Joyce’s short stories from Dubliners and enjoy it
(‘The Dead’) is particularly recommended)


Written by Therese Holm

16/06/2015 kl. 09:35

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